HMH-462 Phu Bai 1968-69
Roy Stauth Memoirs
Roy Stauth served with HMH-462 as a flight officer from 1968 to 1969.
Upon returning stateside, he continued to fly CH-53's at MCAS Tustin, CA. After
achieving the rank of Captain, he resigned from the Marine Corps in 1971 and later
obtained a pilot position with a British oil company... a job that, over a period of
several years, sent him on assignment to the Far East, the Middle East and Africa.

While based in Africa, Roy went to work for a large game preserve as a helicopter
pilot. He became very interested in game preserve management, returned to school
and obtained his Master's degree in that discipline and later his PhD at Capetown
University, South Africa.

His subsequent employment in game preserve management led to long periods of
isolation in the African wilderness, during which time he wrote these memoirs about
his tour in Vietnam.

I spoke at length with Roy a few years ago, during one of his rare trips to the States.
It was at that time I learned of the memoirs and arranged to have them e-mailed to
me one chapter at a time. I think you will find them to be as captivating and
enjoyable reading as I did. (You must have Microsoft WORD to access memoirs.)